Credit Union FAQs

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by the people who use its services. These people are members.

Credit Unions serve people who share something in common, such as where they work or live. Credit Unions are not-for-profit and exist to provide a safe, convenient place from members to save money and to get loans at reasonable rates.

Credit Unions, like other financial institutions are closely regulated. And they operate in a very prudent manner. The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, administered by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the U.S. Federal government, insures deposits of Credit Union members at Federal and state-chartered Credit Unions nationwide. Member deposits are insured up to $250,000.

What makes a Credit Union different from a Bank?

A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative based on the philosophy of people helping people. As such, we are not for profit, but for service to our member-owners. We strive to maximize returns to members, not some faceless shareholders. Money is kept in the communities we serve and to benefit only our members.

What is the Credit Union idea?

The Credit Union idea is a simple one: People should be able to pool their money and make loans to each other. It's an idea that evolved from cooperative activities in the 19th century.

Since that time, the idea's guiding principles have remained the same: (1) Only people who are Credit Union members should borrow there; (2) loans are made for "prudent and productive" purposes; (3) a person's desire to repay (character) is considered more important than the ability (income) to repay. Members are, after all, borrowing their own money and that of their friends. There principles still govern most of the world's Credit Unions.

What is the Unity One difference?

Great rates, low fees and quality service - that's what makes Unity One a better choice among other credit unions and banks. We work hard to ensure that our members get the best rates and service around whether it's a loan, a savings account, or free checking, you can feel confident that you get a great deal at Unity One.

How can I join Unity One Credit Union?

It's easy! Click on the "Open An Account" tab listed above or stop in at a Unity One branch near you. 

Saving Cents FAQs

What is Saving Cents?

Saving Cents is an optional feature for your checking account and your Express Check Card. As card transactions are received, Saving Cents “rounds” the amount to the next even dollar amount.

The rounded amounts (Cents) accumulate throughout the day and a Savings Cents transfer is made at the close of each day to the savings account of your choice.

Which accounts can I select as the receiving account?

You may not only select any other savings destination in your membership, you may also select any related memberships (i.e. spouse/child). IRA types and Certificates are excluded and only one saving destination is allowed.

How do I enroll in Saving Cents?

Express Online Banking users can log in and find the enrollment under the More Options tab. If you don’t use Express Online Banking, this might be a good time to start! Otherwise you can contact our Member Contact Center at 800-628-5517.

If our account has two debit cards, do we need to enroll both cards?

No, one enrollment is for your checking account so one enrollment will cover all cards.

If our account has two debit cards, can we enroll just one card?

No, enrollment is for your checking account and covers all cards.

What are the daily cutoff times for Saving Cents transaction?

Monday through Friday, the Saving Cents transfer will be made at 6:00 pm central time; Saturday is 1:00 pm central time. Transactions done after these times will begin accumulating for the Saving Cents transfer on the next business day.

What about debit transactions with even / whole dollar amounts?

If your transaction is for an even dollar amount, there won't be rounding.

What if the balance in my account does not have a sufficient balance for the Saving Cents transfer on a given day?

If at the end of the day (daily cutoff time), you've depleted your account below your day's savings, no transfer will be made.

What do I note as the amount on my register?

You have a couple of options here. Since the card transaction will post the exact amount of the transaction, you can continue to enter the exact amount of the transaction AND the Saving Cents Transfer. Alternately, you can enter the “rounded up” amount each time there is a debit card transaction and NOT enter the Saving Cents Transfer.

What if my debit card is stolen or lost - do I need to re-enroll?

No, your replacement card will automatically re-enroll in Saving Cents.

If I withdraw funds from a foreign ATM that charges a fee – will it transfer Saving Cents?

Yes, if the foreign ATM charge fee is $1.50; $2.50; $3.50; etc. Saving Cents will include $0.50 in your Saving Cents Transfer. If the fee is an even dollar figure ($1.00; $2.00; etc.) it will not. If you make an ATM withdrawal directly from your Primary Savings, no rounding occurs.

Can I get detailed transaction history?

Yes, you may view daily detailed postings for each debit card transaction(s) and the Saving Cents Transfer(s) in Express Online Banking.

Will I see Saving Cents transactions in my monthly statement?

Yes, you will see the exact transaction amounts and the Saving Cents Transfers on your monthly statement. Additionally, you’ll see a Saving Cents summary for the month to update you on your savings progress.

What if my balance is enough for my purchase at its exact amount, but not the rounded amount?

The transaction will be approved and post to your account for the exact amount. If there isn’t a balance to support the Saving Cents Transfer, it simply won’t be made.

Will Privilege Pay affect Saving Cents?

Possibly. If you access privilege pay to make a transaction, there possibly will be an amount sufficient to cover the Saving Cents Transfer later that day. Privilege Pay will not activate to make the Savings Cents Transfer alone.

If I have overdraft transfers available from my savings or line of credit, how will that work?

Overdraft sources will be accessed, if necessary, to cover the exact amount of the purchase. If a transfer does occur (i.e. $100 increments) and there are funds to cover the day’s Saving Cents Transfer, it will post. Overdraft sources will not be used solely for Saving Cents.

How do I cancel Saving Cents?

If you find Saving Cents isn’t for you, un-enrollment is available in Express Online Banking or at our Member Contact Center 800-628-5517.

Unity One Mobile Banking FAQs

My account, password or challenge questions aren’t working. What's wrong?

You must enroll in Express Online Banking at our main website www.unityone.org. If you are enrolled, you may be using the on-screen/graphical keyboard when logging into home banking from a “traditional” computer. Unfortunately, the graphic keyboard cannot be utilized on your mobile device. You must first log in to home banking from a computer and under the More Options > MFA, choose “do NOT show graphic keyboard”.

What is the difference between go.unityone.org and an “app”?

Our mobile site go.unityone.org will continue with the same features and functions it has always had. We’ve redesigned it to make the choices and functions easier to see and use. Unity One Credit Union is introducing apps for both iPhone and Android devices. With the apps, we’ve taken the top mobile functions (check on your accounts/find an ATM) and put them right on top. Additionally, our ATM and Branch search functions will interact with GPS capabilities in your mobile device to detect your current location as well as provide directions to the nearest locations. The other big difference in an app is that you will have the ability to make mobile deposits through an interface with your device’s camera (see below).

How do I download the Mobile Deposit app?

From your device’s web browser, go to go.unityone.org. Our mobile site will detect if you have an Android or iPhone device and present you with a download option at the bottom of the home page.

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit allows you to take pictures of the front and back (endorsed) of a check payable to you and make an instant deposit to your account. You must be a tenured member in good standing with the credit union to use mobile deposit.

When will my deposit be processed?

Deposits are credited to your account nearly instantly, though the funds may not be immediately available for withdrawal. Unity One’s funds availability policy still applies to mobile deposits. Additionally, if there are issues with the quality of image, the amount, payees, endorsements, etc. we may notify you that your deposit is reversed pending submission of a new deposit.

Is depositing my check with a mobile device safe?

Yes. The link between your mobile device and our mobile deposit site are encrypted to industry standards. Your scanned check is secure and protected through this link.

What are some top tips for using mobile deposit?

Endorse your check just as if you are bringing it to a teller. Image quality is key to successfully making a mobile deposit. Be in a well lit area, avoid casting shadows and be willing to retake an image if your device’s camera isn’t focusing properly. The quality of the check also plays a part. Ideally everything is clear and where it belongs. Persistence and patience may be required to get a good image.

As part of mobile deposit, I got a warning that the item may not be immediately available, but it allows me the option to continue. Should I?

In most cases yes. The picture you take of a check is first reviewed by computers and the warning message is from that review. Often times the warning may be for a minor thing. For example if your account is under your full name (i.e. Joseph Smith) but your check is payable to a nickname (Joe Smith), the system is just giving you a warning that the deposit is pointed for a review by staff at the credit union.

What if my check doesn't have very legible handwriting?

If the system is unable to read the check information, an error message will display. In that case, you may deposit the check at a branch or by mail.

My check was written more than six months ago. Can I still deposit it?

No. The check is considered "stale-dated." You should request to have the person who issued the check reissue it with a current date.

I have a check made payable to someone else. Can I deposit it into my account?

No. This is considered a third-party check. Only checks made payable to the account holder(s) are accepted.

What do I do with the check after it's been deposited?

We recommend that you store your original check in a safe place for up to 60 days. Do not write VOID across the front of it or destroy it until after this period. Be sure the check is not rescanned or deposited elsewhere unless Unity One specifically instructs you otherwise.